"Approaching Transition" lyrics - CULT OF LUNA

"Approaching Transition"
feat. Julie Christmas

Natt varje natt
Skiftar farg
Oppnar sig
Flyter bort
Bort fran allt
Ekar tomt overallt

Natt varje natt
Langre bort
Langre ut
Oppet hav
Utan ljud
Tiden gar
Tidens Slut

Lights, lights go out
Sky grows dark
Endless nights
Looking up
Reaching out
Passing through
Moving on

Close getting close
Hard to breath
Getting cold
I can't speak
Out of time
Close my eyes
One last beat

I run
Momentum gained
Slowly the dawn is raised

Light transforms into a solid red
Red as the blood
Red as the lie

I crack the surface and continue on
Waves form in every direction
To find their home