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"I Pray"

When you hear them talking
Saying things you don't understand
Just keep on walking
And tell 'em you don't give a damn!
Don't call me brother
I ain't your brother
We need more than crime prevention
We need more than ecstasy
We'll be needing police protection
Better keep your hands off me
And I pray, I pray
I've been on my knees all day
And I pray, I pray
I hear every word you say
Take a look at that cat
It's a game they play with people
Kiss and count the enemy
I don't cry when I feel the tension
I have state security
This ain't a revolution
That's just people talking
Ain't a revolution
Say, say it again
If I never get caught
I'll be here all night
Doing things I know ain't right
Fifty seven dreams ago
That's the problem if you're slow
I ain't your brother