"Baby It's You" lyrics - CURTIS MAYFIELD

"Baby It's You"

I hear the clock from the wall, here comes the night
We got all the love in control to make it right. With you, baby
Bless your soul, you know you keep a man from getting old

Baby, it's you baby, it's you, you, baby

I breathe the air, sweet perfume. We see the moon
Misty shadows mold your body in the room. All through the years
Far as I can see, it's me loving you and you loving me

Baby, it's you baby, it's you, you, baby

All in your arms is a wonderful thing, a natural sensation
Makes my body sing. We're two groovy people, baby
You don't know, dancin' to the music, movin' two and four
Just lay in my face all upon your breast. Floats me above the
World and I must confess,

Baby, It's You, you, you...