"How Come (Clean)" lyrics - D12

"How Come (Clean)"

So I changed huh? You got a phone, pick it up, call me

[Chorus: Eminem:]
How come we don't even talk no more
And you don't even call no more
We don't barely keep in touch at all
And I don't even feel the same love when we hug no more
And I heard it through the grape vine we even beefin now
After all the years we been down
Ain't no way no how, this bulls*** can be true
We family and ain't a damn thing changed, unless it's you

[Verse 1: Eminem:]
So young, so full of life in vibrant side by side wherever you
Weres ridin' I went
So close, almost on some bonnie and clyde s***
When ronnie died you weres right by my side with a sholder to
Cry on
Tissue to wipe my eyes, and a bucket to catch every tear I cried
Inside it
You even had the same type of childhood I did
Sometimes I just want to know why is it that you surcame to
And mine I survived it, you ran the streets, I 9 to 5'd it
We grew up, grew apart, as time went by us, then I blew up
To both yours and mine surprises
Now I feel the vibe I just can't describe it
As much as your pride tries to hide it
Your cold, you touch it's like ice
In your eyes is the look of resenment
I can sense it, and I don't like it

[Verse 2: Kon Artis]

It was my dream at first to be on spittin' a verse
On my own album with a deal but s*** got burst
So I came out I woulda shot somebody first
Before I let him disrespect me and check me over some worste
Some b**** that I wasn't with I would hit her then quit

But you would pull a talk with her and tell her she was the
I told you don't get involved in it, you was smokin' the chron
With her
Comin' out of the bar with her stumblin half drunk
Like y'all was husband and wife or somethin'
But me catchin her kissing other dudes musta hurt you pride or
'Cause you won't fuck at the mouth with people like you wanted with
When all I tried to do was show your girl was shifty
And ever since the fans and all the s*** that I produced
You actin' like I ain't you man and lyin' like she can't be loose
But I am really you friend, I'm jus trying to tell you the
But don't hate the game or the player
'Cause the one that is changing is you

[Verse 3: Proof]

You're only at the top 'cause my homie had to stop
Now we actin' like I gotta live only for the block
Homies in the hood only she be on the tube
Only gossip on the porch get to speakin' on who
Fools I used to rap with all expect magic
Like my finger get to snappin and *poof* it jus happen
But PROOF is jus actin' out the party was stoned
Shady made it so my babys ain't starvin at home
See the devil in you grin since the ghetto we been friends
Whenever real intelligence that's forever till the end
I be the hatred in your eyes and the Satan in your lives
And wastin my times with these snakes in disguise
(How come) when you talk its with bitter is fight
And (how come) it's my fault for what you did with your life
And every time I go to hear you and play you look away
We barely embrace, you can't even look me in my face.