"I Wish (Dear Proof)" lyrics - D12

"I Wish (Dear Proof)"

I wish

Intro - obie trice
Haha yeah, Obie's here
Bringing you the latest news
Everyone knows how we do

Verse 1 - obie trice
I wish I could bring you back somehow
And show you we all love you and we're still very proud
Of all the things that you've done
And all the things that you've seen
All the times that you've won
And all the things you taught me
But then a nigga had to take you away from the team
But proof you know your still a part of me
And if it wernt for you, then I still wouldn't be
'Cause all jokes aside, you saved me
You made me realise the reality of this dream
And now I know that not a lotta shit
Really exists

Chorus once - eminem
3 2 1 bring it back, bring it back
I wish you could come back, back
'Cause I'm so sick and tired of all these gatts, gatts
Gangstas fighting over the silliest of things, things
And then there's you and me
Closest as close can be
Proof, without you things ain't the same, same
And that's from all of us, 'cause ur still in this game

Verse 2 - eminem
Yo we are all equally the same
But I can't help feeling mortally insane
And losing control of all of this pain
'Cause everybodys in this game
I believe even god is on this journey too, and the feeling remains
Imortal and blind to the person that's there
At that specific occasion that's 99% rare
I believe we've all been put here for a reason
I was put here to annoy people every season
And proof was put here to prove himself to the game
But now hes long gone and we all feel the same
Fucking angry and hyped up and ashamed
'Cause we spose to have each others backs
Until 4 bullets were fired at his chest
That was the most upsetting day for me and the rest
Of the crew, 'cause we didn't know what else to do
Sometimes I sit and wonder how this world works
People shooting down there own kind, just to get heard
But fuck it if that's the way, they play
Then we can play the same game, and win it in a day!
Go bizarre!

Verse 3 - bizarre
My boy proof, taught me a thing or two
He told me
'Remember man, no man is a failure if they got friends'
He was my friend, and now hes gone again
But this time for good, we ain't never getting him back
And that makes me break down and cry
'Cause we all want him back
But we gotta carry on, as if nothing happened at all
Its easier to say that, than actually act
Putting on a brave face is harder than it seems
I need to get back on my feet
But there's still no job openings
I mean
How lucky am i
To have known someone who was so hard to say goodbye, to

But it's like another issue init
People writing about it, like it don't mean anything
So fuck all you that don't know shit

Chorus once

Verse 4 - swift
Dear proof
You know man, since you been gone you've made us strong
Each and every one of us, has gone on
To do better things with our lives and ourselves
And it's all down to you, so thank you for your help
I know you still up there probably DJing for god
Keeping a lookout for the ones that ain't so sure
On what they want to do
And if they need some more, support
Of what we used to call, another class roar
But man our friendship is still too good, to ignore
I don't understand why they had to take you for
So lord
Please take my dear friend and take care
And proof baby, ill meet you when I'm dead
On the heaven stairs, knowing you
You would trip me up on the steps
But proof man I know you up there with bugz
And bugz if you can hear me, I need your support and love
Right now my daughters calling me
So imma leave you in peace, for you to breathe

Verse 5 - kon artis
I know everyone's lost a special person in there day
And most of them people have had a chance to say
There sorrys and goodbyes, so now it's my time to find
The right words for the right place
And we both know the right place is in my heart
'Cause I'm through with the whores and all the gangsta shit
'Cause I've realised that ain't the real me
I found the real me, and I'm a new grown man
It's like I've transformed and forgot forgot about these fans
But them niggas took it way too far
By taking your life and breaking peoples hearts
'Cause my heart has completley shattered into a million pieces
So I'm outta this game, before anyone else
Is put to rest

Chorus once

Verse 6 - little bizzo
Yo proof, I remember the first time I met you
It was at Grimshaw Hill, I asked for your autograph
So you wrote it on the poster that I had
It was the best day of my life, that day
And I'm sorry for what's taken place
It's like they've taken away my vocab
'Cause I don't know what to say
You told me to live life to the full
'Cause the next thing you know, its outta your control
And your ready to fall
Imma live it to the full
But I wanted you to, too
You told me
The first step to getting what you want outta life
Is to first decide, what you want outta life
And then never ever stop
Just go for your goal, until you reach it
And then everyone will know, how hard your reaching
Proof man, you taught me a lot in the past few months
Decending in this world ain't a option, you just gotta go up