"Westwood Freestyle" lyrics - D12

"Westwood Freestyle"

Yo its Kuniva, I'll cuss hoes out like a drunk sailor
And cock the hammer back like tim the two man tailor
You best be on your best behavior before I slay ya
And watch the video of your life with your lord savior
I can go in off your mom, they get along when they see the gun
And dirty dozen cross my arm and it ain't a secret get scared
And be nervous, 'cause I'ma be in jail in a cell with C murder
Shady is a general, a soldier form I showed it to him
He saved my life I owe it too him, so compare it to anybody
I serve you on a platter your words don't even matter
You all you leavin' badder, I'm a hazard without bowl and loop doop
I shoot through people at super markets while they ringin' up your fruit loops
You challengers get pushed off banisters, I'm unavoidable like anvals
Droppin' on toon characters

I'm the freak slasher, chop bodies up in meat packer
I reach back for the necks, choppin your feet faster
Than Steven King, I repeatedly beat bastards
The pops for result of havin' a meet in maggots
When I see faggots, put three in they fleece jackets
You bleed rapid, poppin' all in ya lead actors
Speed 'n' acids when I mourn, didn't even ask for it
Technique's hazardous, you needin Jesus of Nazareth
To see what's happenin', means havin' your teeth chatterin
Speak battlin, heat splatter your peeps abdomin
Sweet fashion, I reload and I keep blastin
I breathe action, if you don't believe ask him

(Kon Artis)
I'm sick of bitches man, I done heard enough shit
Talk alot of mouth like they wanna do it
Then they pull down they pants and then I shoot fluid
Then they start runnin' screamin like they God called them
And I called them back and then pulled a crackin' in
Stick my dick up in and make them rap again
They wanna rap for me and tell me that they love me
Kon Artis you're my daddy and I don't wanna be your hubby
I can't be your hub baby I ain't gettin' married
I'm stand fuckin' bitches, it really very scary
My lil cousin named Terry told me that I fucked him too long
And then I gotta get a Jerry curl to make 'em all keep drippin
You *****z know I never really be trippin', my beats bang
Make ears bleed through walkmens that's why people ignore you like you ain't even talkin'
You chit chatter and get splattered by a disease beat addict
That spit spontanious like a Prayin' Mantis I cut you off
Pickin' that gang green your man seen how I get ignorant
By losin my spleen the truth of the seen as soon as my team
Get on we rule cities like zila through Hong Kong, you wanna knew
You wanna know, you gotta ask my man Proof how the fuck the flow goes

Pull it back pull it back pull it back pull it back
We ain't wentin no where, we sippin shampane
Shady records, ain't no body better than us
Shady records, no chedder than us
Shady records, ain't no body better than us
Shady records, I got your ears goin' like its [?](that is hard to tell)
Hotter than a fellon in a carload full of nines
Got the sparkles out to shine, get your back up
And get your dollars out ya spines
Because the head is ill I'm in love with Natasha Betinville
Yo faster than a Porsche, make you disappear
Like advertisement in the Source, so do it baby
I want the sugar baby, my sift from the rabies
Yo Proof D12 is on the haitus, on a scale from 1-10
I'm an 8, wait you don't know how 8 is, 8 is jigga
That's me, 9 is Slim, 10 is Slim, now I finally give you
The time I give you to Bom Artis has got promise
And me and proof and swift and the Kon Artis
And it ain't over boy, who you beef with trust me
I'll tell you Puffy and you can lose big, 'cause it's that
Face it, I'm a brick face, you get it laced wit a switch blade
Yo I stab you wit a mixtape, tell ya girl ask her how my dick taste
I told you once before that I'm a brick face, I'm a big and I shine plus I spit mace
Make all the bad boys that's missin' listen up yo next on this transition
And you know how it is and you know when its gravy next up
Chigga chigga Slim Shady

I don't figure this rap shit out, I map shit out strategically
Timing is everything and that seems to be the key
To my success I've murked from me repeatably (we beat emcees)
Timing is everything and seem to be the key
Let them diss your first then respond immediately
In order to master the art of war, don't start a war
Shit not no more we dun scared 'em off there are no more
Victims this sick, I'm fixin' to pick some to start shit
Ain't got no pictures to rip and shit to throw darts at
Ain't go no more targets,
Shit irv and jeff we beat'em to death, benzino in debt
It seems to just be no one left to bully
Bush is pussy, why the fuck you think his name is bush? Puss is bushy
Ain't shit goin' on. Shit I been gettin' so bored latley,
I'm thinking of doing some shit to get you to go hate me, again
To tell the truth I like the shit better then
Shit I could spit better, about to kick that sick shit again
Look, the game just ain't the same, it changin
Shit Dre's quittin', Jay's quittin', now it just wankstas
Just sayin' the same shit, its fake and its ancient
It's making me so bored I'm gonna just make a new language
Fubba you cova cubba, ubba you ubba ooba
Youba can subbabick my dadibbabick through a tuba
Sum other luma lama
I'm not a human, I'ma a suicidal supersonic suicidal uni-bomber
You think I'm the new Osama
Press thinks I'm the new madonna
Jeffery Dahmer left me with his legacy to carry on
Alot of talk and rumors on us, who's the hottest to be honest
Hip-hop ain't been the same since Tupac moved to Cuba on us