"Loosen The Noose" lyrics - D.A.R.K.

"Loosen The Noose"

Listen... did you hear that sound
Somebody's walking close behind me
I hear their footsteps on the ground

Looking... then I turned around
He stopped advancing in his footsteps
He lifted up his head and frowned

One last time
I want to feel you near me
Together as one

One last time
A hand to heal your pain
Take it and run

So I take his cue
I start to walk away
But he keeps calling out behind me
Like a voice of yesterday

I remember you
I remember you
My god your face is so familiar
I thought you'd never go away

One last time
No point pretending anymore
I found true love (six feet below)

Just one time
I want to hold your soul with
My bare hands and squeeze

So I cupped my hands
And I took his face
I said you gotta lighten up boy
Some things in life you must erase