"A Gun And A Bomb" lyrics - D.O.A.

"A Gun And A Bomb"

Rush limbaugh, it's brainwash ollie north, he's full of crap gordon liddy, he's got advice he'll teach you how to pull the trigger n.r.a. got fire power do it yourself homemade bombs militia men, they're trained to kill their victims, got no choice [Chorus:] come on, come on, and make the news with a gun and a bomb they'll hear hear your views the right to shoot your gun that's the american way buy a flak jacket and a radar scope today holy bible, got a hotline tune right in, for the word praise the lord and bomb all abortion clinics you gotta hate, liberal crap they got no right, they're a bunch of commies you gotta hate, that's the way just cut'em down, right now [Chorus:]