"Overpowering Urges" lyrics - D.O.A.

"Overpowering Urges"
(Brian Goble)

I can't get, can't get enough out of control screaming no way to get off subliminal, now I know what I want gotta have or I'm less than them chorus overpowering urges motivating the mind running the body orchestrating the grind get control, get a hold of myself but I can't help dreaming, it's what they tell me I want but I'm a stong and independent man got a smoke, buddy, can't you see my shaking hand I guess it's true what they said I've got a god living in my head you make the maze, I'm your rat till my dying day I'll be in your debt chorus overpowering urges - growing inside overpowering urges - push my buttons overpowering urges - flash before my eyes