"Runaway World" lyrics - D.O.A.

"Runaway World"

What else can you say. our groovy little plans have gone astray like a deer caught in the light. so our dreams unfurl on the highway of the runaway world. my dignity has been accused. the environment's still abused. the weasels livin' in the roost. and we're just sittin' back gettin' goosed. what else can you say. corruption and contempt are on your tray. like a monkey in a pen. peanuts we are hurled. trapped in a runaway world. wait for a future that never comes. if it's alive it's beaten numb. a war rages through the night. who's the good guy in the fight? there's no john wayne anymore. all is rotten to the core. mechanized, dehumanized, catalogued, synthesized, logged in a printout store. stack of paper, world's core. electric blips, electric eyes. steel breasts, iron thighs. voice of a circuit mazes yell. laughter echoes down from hell. what else can you say. every move you make is on display. be a nice antichrist, don't create no furrows. you're luggage on this runaway world. something that can easily be chucked away an ort on the edge of my plate.