"We Know What You Want" lyrics - D.O.A.

"We Know What You Want"

[Chorus:] we know what you want, we know what you need. weaving your fantasies, madison avenue, make believe. we know what you want, we know what you need. you know you can't go wrong, got a money back guarantee. we got something for ya an' you know it's the best. step inside and take a look you know we beat all the rest. we'll take you for a stroll down by the poolside. see the girl just a waitin' drive our car she'll beg for a ride. we'll sell ya army, sex, cars, and booze. ya know, ya snooze, you lose. we'll sell ya insurance, cigs, diets and pills. we'll shove it down your throat, even if it kills. ['horus] there's no payment, no interest we service, coast to coast. get in on these great savings it's the big one, really the most. can't afford to pass this up this ain't no pig, in a poke. don't go talkin no refund caveat emptor, aint' no joke. you want it, we got it, no money down. if you don't have it, ya better leave town. give us a chance, we'll make a deal. don't hesitate, it's a real steal.