DAMON ALBARN lyrics - One Day At A Time

"One Day At A Time"

One day at a time, sweet Jesus [5x]

[Film dialogue:]
We all lived in a place called The Mansions
All our grannies and granddads
All our brothers and sisters and all our families and friends
It was brilliant, it was like
A big hotel, built specially for us and all our mates
And when I was young I used to think God
Was smiling down on us
Putting this special glow around us
So we could do as we pleased
And go about our business without anyone getting in our way
And it would never change...

One day at a time, sweet Jesus [5x]

[Film dialogue:]
In fact I think we can give them the run around
Any time they like, 'cos it's only idiots
Mentioning no names like...
Oh, and this common thick TV star thing,
I want you all to know
It's not going to change me one little bit
Do you like it? You got me out then?
Tell me, what are you thinking?
Last time we spoke I told you to go fuck yourself
Things have changed a bit since then haven't they?
I didn't dream that I would slowly dig in my chin
Talking shite. What are we gonna do?

One day at a time, sweet Jesus [10x]