"Empty Cages" lyrics - DAN FOGELBERG

"Empty Cages"

Waiting in the wings your courage sings before you falter
It's just another way to say what's there but never shows
It's just another day to lay your sins before the altar
And where it's going to end this time around nobody knows
Every time it seems that you have gained an understanding
Those devils at your heels reach up and try to tip the scales
Waking from a dream it seems it's all been done without you
And every vain attempt to make you stay is destined to fail

Fury rages through your restless days
Shades of time that's gone before
Empty cages where the prisoner plays
'Til the door swings closed behind forevermore

Evermore... Evermore...
Long before we come of age we yearn to leave the garden
And wrestle with a myth the hand of fate has faintly drawn
But somewhere on the way we feel our hearts begin to harden
And see just as we learn to turn around
The garden is gone