"Magic Every Moment" lyrics - DAN FOGELBERG

"Magic Every Moment"

I awoke this morning to a shattering sound
And I went downstairs and found these shards of glass strewn all around
There upon the floor I found this poor broken dove
And it made me realize how very fragile is this life that we so love
I came back up to bed and I held you so tight
And I prayed up to the Father, oh I prayed with all my might
That He'd always keep you with me, that He'd always keep you safe
And when I went dowstairs I found that dove had somehow up and flown away

There's a magic every moment
There's a miracles each day
There's a magic every moment
Oh won't you let the music play
Oh won't you let the music play

On a high and windy island I was gazing out to sea
When a long forgotten feeling came and took control of me
It was then the clouds burst open and the sun came pouring through
When it hit those dancing waters in an instant all eternity I knew
There's so much we take for granted-there's so much we never say
We get caught up in the motion of just a living day to day
We are fettered to the future, we are prisoners of the past
And we never seem to notice 'til our lives have finally
Slipped right through our grasp


You can see forever in a single drop of dew
You can see that same forever if you look down deep inside of you
There's a spark of the creator in every living thing
He respects me when I work but He so loves me when I sing

[Chorus 2x]