"Sometimes A Song" lyrics - DAN FOGELBERG

"Sometimes A Song"

Listen to me and I will try to
Sing you a song that makes you see
How much I long to be beside you
And how much you mean to me

Sometimes A Song's the only way to
Show you my heart will never stray
So if I can't find words to tell you
I'll sing what I cannot say

Let me sing you a field full of waving flowers
I'll sing of the sun on the sea
For this is the way that you make me feel
Every time you smile at me
Will you only smile for me

At times it must seem I take for granted
All of the little things you do
Know in your heart I'm so enchanted
And still so in love with you

[Repeat verse 2, bridge, and verse 1]

[D.F - acoustic guitars, bass, drums, congas, electric piano, synth string arrangement]