"All My Friends" lyrics - DANNY O'KEEFE

"All My Friends"

No matter who is dealing
It's pretty much the same
Even when you're losing
You're still playing the game

And some will call your bluff
Some will call themselves friends
Some who don't need you
Never call you again

They tell me all my friends are going to be strangers
They'll come as they have gone
All my friends are going to be strangers
Travellin' on, travellin' on

Temporary heroes
With their pockets full of fame
In search of perfect women
With straight teeth and no last names

Who come on dressed in hunger
Looking for someone to bleed
Longing for a lover
Whose love is like their need

And though you are a stranger
You'll always be a friend
We're travelers on a highway
We may never ride again

I often smile and wonder
What each of us will do
We might get rich and famous
We could end up being strangers, too