"Left Hand Black" lyrics - DANZIG

"Left Hand Black"

Kinda like a dog
W/ seven pupils
In its eye
Kinda like a madness
That refuses
To subside
Kinda like everything you want
Just w/in your grasp
Kinda like
How a banshee-wail
On a living heart
I'm gonna stand
At the top of the world
Challenge the heavens
Gonna bring you god
Gonna bring you god
In the palm of the left hand black
Gonna bring you god

Kinda like
When the sun goes down
And darkness makes its climb
Kinda like all your muscle tissue
Starting to unwind
Kinda like
If you brave the hate
Feed it
To the left hand black

How I know
I can take their power
Send it back at
Triple times strength

How I see the battle
And the bleeding
Human race
How I miss the taste of it
It's sweet
And warm

How I see
The world's demise
Its last
And final gasp
How I see
Into another kind of life