"Pain Is Like An Animal" lyrics - DANZIG

"Pain Is Like An Animal"

I remember... things of pain...
God's children get in my way.
All those words of pain...
Headlong, rushing in my Brain.
I remember...
Cain's mistake.
Scattered my memories like twisted highway trash
...from another age,
Spread out to another day.

And it's a long time bleedin',
And it's a cold down to my bones.
And i been burnin' up a Demon,
I'm gonna' pick it up and take it....HOME!

Pain is such a lonley place,
Burnin' up into my soul.
Pain is such a lovley place.

I can't forget it...
The things of Pain.
Hooked in my mind, my brain.
Underneath my skin...
Let loose on the killin' plane!