"Beast Above Man" lyrics - DARK FUNERAL

"Beast Above Man"

With my razor sharp and shiny claws
I'm reaching out to tear your soul apart
I'll suck your eyes and eat your flesh
A cannibal they call me, but I'm more than human fucking waste

I'll tear your soul
Tear it down
To the ground

As my hunger grows I slit your wrists
I am the wolf and you've been fucking warned
No pigs are safe when I'm around
I'll turn your crosses upside down and burn your temple to the ground

To the ground
Burn it down
To the ground

The burden of life shall be carried no more
For me all your flesh, to the devil your soul
Condemned from this realm as your last sun shall set
The maker of shadows collecting your debt
A feast for the wolf, for the beast above man
I shall ravage and murder 'till nothing is left

When you least expect me I'll be there
For I am death and you're my whining whore
I'll cut your throat and spill your blood
I am a force from the abyss and I will take you

Worthless soul
Tear it down
Slit your throat
Bleed you dry
And I will bring you down with me to hell