"My Latex Queen" lyrics - DARK FUNERAL

"My Latex Queen"

Here I am, through the gloom stare
Again in hunger, thirst for something new

Tonight my hunger I'll please
Your presence makes my pulse increase

There she is, all in shiny black
Gothic queen, come with me
Let's get closer, let's unite
Let me enter you, become as one

I beg for thee, please bend down
Want to see you from behind
Move your hips, side to side
Feel me go down

Latex queen, feel my tongue in deep
Whirls around, climax is almost found
I rise to my feet, erection slides in deep
I pound you hard, latex queen feels so sweet
Feels so sweet

Latex queen, feels so sweet
Become as one

I love the way you feel, when I'm inside
I love the way your latex shine
Deep inside of you, full of seed
Oh, my latex queen, I am your steed