"Shadows Over Transylvania" lyrics - DARK FUNERAL

"Shadows Over Transylvania"
(Black Moon)

Moonlight descends in the land of shadow
Cold moon is rising, blood-red sky
Wolves' cries in the freezing night
Gathered in the twilight to summon the master below

Rising shadows over blood-red skies
Mournful cries through the darkened night

Darkness spreads in a shape of evil
Over the rising kingdom of Transylvania
Shadow surrounds the ancient castle
Palace of death far away, where no light exists

In the realms of Transylvania purest blood shall flow
Mortals shall please hunger of undead souls

Shadows over Transylvania
Darkness in the land of frost
Whisper in the winds of evil
Storm in the blood-red sky

Shadows (Shadows, shadows, shadows, shadows, shadows)