"The Trial" lyrics - DARK FUNERAL

"The Trial"

[La Reymie:]
Jeanne D'basson, You stand accused before the burning court for practising witchcraft. Do you confess? We have ways to make you talk. How do you plead?

I never did any harm to anyone. I don't believe this

[La Reymie:]
Lead the witch to the dungeon for the test...
Bring out the glowing pins. Do it now

This is rotten to the core
Jeanne is naked on the floor
In the dungeon, they want more

[La Reymie:]
Oh Jeanne, you feel so good

La Reymie is touching her body
Wringled fingers all over her

[La Reymie:]
So this is how You make with the devil
We're gonna get You, witchy woman
We will never believe in You
So you better repent Your sins now

Sticking need'es into her skin yeah
In the dungeon blood is everywhere
Clowing need'es, need'es and pins yeah
She's getting weaker, no more pain to feel

[La Reymie:]
We will never believe in You
So you better repent Your sins now

We are the servants of GOD, we believe in the devil
And we've found his mark on You, confess witch

Thoushalt not suffer a witch to live
Who soever lieth with a beast shall surely be put the death

Never did I lie with any beast of thine
Dogs or cats or goats, now leave My soul alone

[La Reymie:]
He that sacrificeth unto any god save the lord only
He shall be utterly destroyed

'Now I hear, deceiving, lying tongues
Never have I done no harm to anyone

But they dis not turn her loose
Horns and tails and cloven hoof
Can You tell Me where's the proof