"Forbidden Nights" lyrics - DARLENE LOVE

"Forbidden Nights"

Why did you kiss me
With all of your mind?
Why give the stars
All so bright
Why did you have to, baby
Look so fine
When you knew all long
You could never be mine
It was the love in your eyes
And made me realized
I was one of those
Forbidden Nights

I tried to resist
But I was so long
I tried to tell you
It was wrong
But my body was hungry
I could not give it off
But my soul was satisfied
With resist of your love
I don't mind to
Coz my ...
I was one of those
Forbidden Nights

Virtual eyes
Look away
Night and day
Turn your chick, baby
Never ever ... me
Never, ever devil's speak
I neve be one of those
Hiding in the shadow

I wake in the morning
With you by my side