"Goodbye Again" lyrics - DAVE ALVIN

"Goodbye Again"

Goodbye was the last word
You said to me.

That was so long ago
Would you forgive me, please?

Did you get my letters?
Read them at all?

You know I'm no good at writing.
But, I've been meaning to call.

I saw your new love.
She looks a little like me.

She looks like an angel.
If that's what you mean.
But we've had some troubles
And, I've been thinking of you.

Well, if you're asking to come back
Tell me what will you do?

Will you say goodbye again?
Goodbye again?
Do you really want me?
Or do you just need a friend?
My arms long to hold you.
Feel the warmth of your skin.
But it would hurt me too much
To hear goodbye again.

Well, I promise that this time
My love will be true.
Baby, I promise I'll always
To be here just for you.

I want to believe it.
I wish I could try.
But the last word you tell me
Is always goodbye.

Goodbye was the last word
She said to me.