"Fractured Mindz" lyrics - DAVE DAVIES

"Fractured Mindz"

In a world devoid of love
Where war is peace, hate eats the heart
Toxic bodies, polluted brains
Mind diseased, deceived with lies and shame

Enrage, in rage
Who are the culprits, who's to blame?
So much fear drives you insane
No more chains, no more chains

Fractured minds (fractured minds)
Why look at me with that hateful stare?
Can you not see beyond the mask
Time is stealing your sacred gift, your sacred past
(There's no two ways about it)

Do not kill me with your fractured mind
Do not fear me with the fractured mind
I know it's hard with fractured minds
So you run, so you hide


Look in the mirror, what can you see
Empty and shallow, but it's not me
It's gotta be something, that makes me sick
In my mind, in my heart, in my soul
Tearing me apart, I can't face it
'Cause I'm weak, 'cause I'm weak

Sad the mirror, eyes my soul
Perfect reflection, the ego holds
Clouds our vision, drains our blood
Destroys the sacred, fragments us all
We lie in tatters, the mirror speaks
To the enchanter who smiles and weeps

I am the shadow
Can you help me?
Look at me, damn you
Look at me, damn you
Look at me, damn you!

Love's the secret, love's not blind
It heals the body, it purifies the toxic mind