"Matter Of Decision" lyrics - DAVE DAVIES

"Matter Of Decision"

I'd be home free if I could make up my mind,
What to do about you.
One minute I think I love you, the next I'm playing the fool.
You're such a part of me, can't tear myself away from you.
Don't care what people say, I just wanna be close.

I've changed my mind a thousand times,
Now it's a case of do or die.
There's no more time to reason why.

Now it's a matter of decision,
Why can't I make up my mind?
I can't stand this indecision,
I'm going out of my mind.

The world is in such a sorry state.
In the papers, in the news.
Politicians can't see their hands from their feet,
Nobody cares about the truth.

Wish I could make the world a better place for you and me.
You always run and hide, I only wanna be close.
The teachers stuff your head with lies,
And make it hard to realize,
What's going on, what's wrong, what's right.

Well, it's a matter of decision,
We all must make a stand,
For everything that we believe in,
Every woman, every man.
It's a matter of decision.

A matter of decision, a matter of decision.