"The Mustang" lyrics - DAVID GATES

"The Mustang"

She's dressing up just for show
Got her jeans riding down low
Daddy thinks she's staying with a friend tonight
Got the top on the Mustang down
Just to tease all the boys in town, wishing
They were riding along in the moonlight

Girl's growing up so fast
Got no use for making it last
Sixteen, a-goin' on twenty-five
Wind blowing through her hair
Heading down to the country fair
Great god, it's good just to be alive

Somebody that she once met,
In her heart she can't forget
He's a rough stock rider in the rodeo
They only had a moment or two, but he said,
I will remember you
Just how much faster will the Mustang go.

He's sitting second place
She walks in and he sees her face
Last go he rides like never to win
Jumps up in the stands
Takes her by both her hands
Never thought I'd ever see you again

This is kind of suddenly, but
Would you wanta go with me
Can't offer much of security
Sometimes she cries at night
Wonders if her decision was right
Guess we're gonna have to just wait and see.