DAVID WILCOX lyrics - On To The Next

"On To The Next"

Someone said it was suicide
His empty chair is all - we see
Not that anyone knew him well,
But he sat behind me

Now they come with the questioning
Now they're so sincere:
Do you remember anything
That he said to you here?

If you get close against the window
You can feel it
A trace of a breeze that makes it through
I remember you said
It's almost enough that you could breath it
If you had to
That's what I remember most of you

You can hear a pencil drop
And the fluorescent lights
Lean forward and keep your answers
Out of sight

If you're stuck on a tricky one
If the question's too complex
Don't try too figure it out, they say,
Just move on to the next.


Who's to blame for a high-school suicide?
Ooh, they claim it's the best years of our lives