DAVID WILCOX lyrics - Prisoner Of War

"Prisoner Of War"

I respect what you can do,
But I'd say the same about a gun:
Depends which side of you they see,
Some feel safe and some will run.
There's so much fight you keep in store,
Though in all of life, you've won your wars,
And still you let yourself forget
As if it's thirty years before.

Prisoner of war.
Though you're not held on foreign soil anymore.
Bring 'em home, Jack.
Bring home both the mighty soldier, and the boy.
Something you just can't believe:
The many strengths you could receive
If you could just call down your guard,
Just let those forces leave.


You're so strong, and that's your crutch,
To keep alone and out of touch,
To try to keep your heart from line of fire,
So it's still trapped inside that war,
Like there's a soldier at the door.
It's time you told that soldier to retire,
And bring 'em home