"The First Damned" lyrics - DECAPITATED

"The First Damned"

I in the abyss on the ruins of my dreams
My burnt world god treads on the cinders
Envy and revenge two sisters I am their brother
Is it my fault that I am a human being?
I won't forget how the wind was blowing in your gardens
I was your knight I was a traitor
I, created to die, to fall into the abyss
My existence for you to have your flower
Your gardens grow on my soul
The roots of your trees draw juice from my blood
And yield fruit from my wounds
Your world comes from my pain
My wandering your triumph my cry for you to existmy feelings, longing,and rebellion
I suffer at the bottom unnecessary for you
For the first time the question- why me?
The fire won't flare up in my soul
Chained to my dreams forever
Unfulfilled,unreal but I last
And ill be a thorn in your eye forever