"Talk That Shit" lyrics - DENZEL CURRY

"Talk That Shit"

Niggas wanna talk that shit
Always say you a gangsta
But real niggas know
These niggas wanna talk that shit
Always say you a gangsta, but real niggas know you a bitch

Mind is took over, just like MK-Ultra
My niggas be repping that Bilderberg
Pineal gland open, the portals will show them
When I astral travel, we back on the curb
Slangin' the bird, injured niggas gon' learn
Enter cerebral, the minds of the feeble
Get eaten like beetles in Mummy Returns
Raven Miyagi be sipping that sake
Medusa head on me like I'm illuminati
I've just woken up in a brand new Bugatti
Then grabbing that shotty if niggas gon' test
Get off yo chest, talk about a nigga like me
Ain't the best, tryna make a fucking threat
Put your body on a jet, 314 motherfuckers
Y'all niggas ain't fucking with the set

Let's go get 'em, let the nigga Curry killa hit 'em
With my niggas, talk shit?
Motherfucker's bought to drill 'em
Kill him, kidnap him,? kamikaze?
Like blade, renegade through the everglades
Put a pussy nigga body 6 feet deep
But a nigga can't swim so he gotta count sheep
Like 1, 2, searching for you
3, 4, nigga it's on when I kick in the door
Then I'm selling your ho
Then I'm leaving your body like ashes of dro
Slow, turn the nigga to a friendly ghost
But my nigga, this ain't no movie though
Caught that faggot slipping at the motherfucking Muvico
So don't talk shit, if you ain't 'bout it
Like, light yo ass up like fucking Christmas
Either you be a man, or you be a bitch, nigga
I don't give a fuck, just don't talk shit