"Stimulate Me" lyrics - DESTINY'S CHILD

"Stimulate Me"

[Intro Rap - Mocha:]
Yo, that's what luvas do
Color boo
Everything wonderful
Tee hee hee, I'm under you
Yeah I seen it before
I don't need it no more
I'm overseas on tour, lettin my feet in the door
And for those niggaz that'll try to scam stacks from me
Well that depends on how you handle my cat for me
Ghetto 'fectionate and erectionate
But the less you trick, that's the less you get
There you go, I got impressions so stress on
U jus second best uh
Stop second guess-on
U never listen, u can't stop it I'm on fire
Know that you goin' leave out here wit your pockets lighter
Count a stack about a hundred grand, rubber band
I'm like your other hand, ain't no other man
Understand, not till I told you that, hold that
I don't want it if you can't hold back, know that

Baby boy, I can see that you want me
But baby it ain't that easy
Take your time, and you can ride
You gotta work at me, 'cause I'm not that type (Baby)

I need you to, stimulate me
You can have me
If you want me
I need you to, stimulate me
You can have me
If you want me

Take me out in the six
Lemme know you wanna be up in the mix
You say you want my sweet body
But first you gotta pamper me
Say you gotta phat crib in the hills
Don't mean a thing to me
Unless I got the key
If you split, half goes to me (Tell me)

(Male) Mami what you want from a playa like me
Out in the streets, livin' O.C.
(Mocha) Papi what you want from a honey like me
Ghetto soup [?], hot Don P
(Male) Pick you up from college and take you to my crib
We can max out, tee hee hee hee hee
(Mocha) It sounds real sweet, but first we hit the mall
Shoppin' sprees wit you coppin me

[Bridge (Over Hook):]
Tell you what it's all about
But first you gotta take me out
Promise me it will be good
Treat me like a balla should

[Bridge (Over Hook)]