"Jagger Swagger" lyrics - DEUCE

"Jagger Swagger"

We are the tainted ones. Always searching for strives. You better take a look behind 'cause we're back in your lives. We are those kids on the streets.
We are the smoke in your lungs. We drive a '64 Chevy. We got girls and the guns.
We are the kings of the blocks. The sound of your boombox. We are those kids from the neighborhood at school of hard knocks. Our crew will get those motherfuckers. Fuck all the haters. We don't care what they say. Our crew will get those motherfuckers. And we don't care what they think about us.

It's been so long since the sun light has risen and shined in my eyes.
I was not wrong but I was not right.
Let me not sleep for just one last night.

EC's back, we hope you already know.
We just crash your fucking party, turn it into a rock show.
And we spit in your faces. Crash all your cars.
We spend all your money on those girls at the bar.

Ey Man, ESKIMO! Wo ist mein Auto?!
I'm Morgenmantel in den Club stolpern wir I'm Affentanz, durch's stroboskope Menschenlicht, rotzevoll und hackedicht!
Wir klinken uns am Tresen ein, 5, 6, 7, 8, Oh nein!
Was geht mit der verkackten Zeit, zum Gehn' sind wir noch nicht bereit!
Puzzle spiel'n mit Katy Perry, mein Colt so gross wie Dirty Harry, Potter!
Und Lametta in der Arschritze sind vom Eisberg nur die Spitze.

For one last fucking night. For one last fucking night. Just for one night!