If I think about young childhood days and how things used to be,
I always think about the summer they're my favorite memories,
I was always dreaming about something, about how my life could be,
Full of music, girls and clothes I dreamed about beauty,
And it was good but there was always disturbance in my mind,
Pretty soon it was obvious that I was lost inside,
I was so lost, I was lost inside
I was so lost, I was lost inside,
But I tried to hide it from the world and all of my family,
I could not exist in the world, like there was something wrong with me.
(But now you've grown and you understand how things are meant to be
And it's time you stopped the dream and faced up to reality)
I am so lost, I'm lost inside
I am so lost, I'm lost inside,
I don't admit this to the world what would they think of me?
'Cause when I show them that I'm soft they take the piss out of me,
I am so lost