"Sword Of Light" lyrics - DISMEMBER

"Sword Of Light"

OI am the light and the savior, I am the one who brings death to mankind
The bringer of silence, the source of life, hammer of justice, sword of light
Conflict will end uneasy peace, humanity's finest destructive art
Winds of war tear the world apart
Nations will crumble and new will arise, rising from the ashes "the one" emerge
Written in blood history reapeats itself, again and again in a ravenous purge
There is no peace has ever been, man killing man
Strong defeat the weak, we're always at war
Sword of light, burning bright, hand of doom, death to you all
Sword of light, might makes right, dwan of damnation, awaits us all
Shattered existence, survivors struggle to rebuild
Dance of death, burning world drowned in flames