"Try" lyrics - DOLLY PARTON


I have chased after rainbows
I've captured one or two
I've reached for the stars
And I have even held a few
I've walked that lonesome valley
Topped the mountains, sewed a sky
I've laughed and I have cried
But I have always tried

'Cause I've always been a dreamer
And dreams are special things
But dreams are of no value
If they're not equipped with wings
So secure yourself for climbing
Make ready for the sky
Don't let your chance go by
You'll make it if you try

So try to be the first one up the mountain
The highest flying dreamer in the sky
And try your best to be an inspiration
Brothers that are still afraid and shy

And try to make the most of every moment
'Cause if you never try you never win
So try each day to try a little harder
And if you fail, get up and try again

You know nothing is impossible
If you can just believe
Don't live your life in shackles
When faith can be the key
The winner's one who keeps determination in his eyes
Who's not afraid to fly and not afraid to try

So try to be the first one up the mountain
And try to be the first to touch the sky
And don't let somebody tell you, you can't do it
And if they say that, show em it's a lie

And if you fail at first just keep on trying
'Cause you are not a failure in god's eyes
So spread your wings and let the magic happen
'Cause you'll never really know if you don't try

And the first step is the one that's always hardest
But you'll never really know if you don't try
You have to try