"Final Journey (Part II)" lyrics - DOMINUS

"Final Journey (Part II)"

Still I wonder why this should be my final journey
Still one victim left to feed the 9 from death
But the Woman With The Hourglass told me
To follow the wolf for the last time

[This is where the track ends, but the booklet features the following additional text]

Somehow we walked the chapters backwards
And 9 minutes after we stood in the hal
Where all my dreams began
4 blue coloured demons were gathered by the entrance
They somehow sang or howled in rhymes
We all went through the hall
And there I met the 4 others of the Firt 9
They were carrying the one who was left behind
The one I didn't give life
He was heak and was soon to be dead
We all stopped in front of a throne made of glass
There the Crystal demon dwelled
He looked at me and sai

[The Crystal Demon]
Why didn't you use the 9 words in your chain?

I told him that I didn't know
The language in the Chain

[The Crystal Demon]
Too bad
If would have lead you to a journey
Where the last victim could give life
To my dying demon
I will send you back to where you belong
But my dying demon have to enter your body
And you will always be
One of my First 9 demons
I will always be able to control you
And contact you through your dreams
Until you understand
The 9 words in your chain
I guess you have to find them in your dreams
And when that day comes
There will be new journeys for you to go
Oh what they di I do not know
Time will pass or time will show
See you!