"Freestyle" lyrics - DR. DRE


Money, power, and respect
Keep my foes in check and
Kill every motherf**ker that be after my neck
Lets get it straight it dawg
Im hot, ur not
I take ur bitch ass and drop it like it hot
Ur style is messed up and ur flow is wack
The way u be rappin, u must be on crack
Goin against me dawg
Ur ass must be crazy
'Cause I lay ur ass to sleep
And then roca bye baby
Ur just an amateur but
Me, im a veteran
After im done with u
U goin need an ambulance
Now let me stop
Take a breath before I really get pissed
On second thought, f**k it im already pissed
Hey yo, this is a lyrical assault on
Anyone who wants some
I knock u out with one verse
Like I'm mike Tyson
Im like a reptile, homie
When I spit, its venom
First, I cripple ur ass
Then I go get em'
U don't want it with me,
Trust me when I say so
When I come around bitch
Ur ass better lay low
U walkin with ur bitch

And im like hold up shorty
Look at the way ur man looks
He must be homophobic
Then after a minute or so
She turns at me and
What does she say,
Damn ur right, he really does look gay
And that's when u get dumped
Lookin like a prick
While ur bitch is chokin
With her mouth on my dick
Now u can lean back motherf**ker
But I aint fat joe
Its dre on the hook and
Im killin u hoe
Now before I go
Im goin give u this (middle finger)
'Cause this aint no song
This a motherf**kin diss