"Lolo (Intro)" lyrics - DR. DRE

"Lolo (Intro)"

[Xzibit:] Goddamn. Hey, whassup, nigga?
[Tray-Dee:] Oh shit!
[Xzibit:] Whassup?
[Dr. Dre:] Hey, that muthafucker clean.
[Tray-Dee:] Hey, who that?
[Xzibit:] Hey, that Dre, nigga, that the... look at that shit!
[Tray-Dee:] Hangin' that muthafucker, goddamn! Look at that!
[Xzibit: laughing] That nigga chromed out up under that muthafucker!
[Tray-Dee:] Hangin' on the bumper X!
[Xzibit:] Hey, hang that shit!
[Someone else:] What up, Dr. Dre?