"One Weekend" lyrics - DR. FEELGOOD

"One Weekend"

You don't have to say you're gonna love me
Until the end (just one more weekend now)
We can take a strumming and after
We can still be friends (just one more weekend now)
I've had my share of women
You made me promise by the clouds above
All I want now is one weekend of your love

My friends don't think it
But you look alright to me
(Just one more weekend love)
You're sure not a child
But you're the right side of seventeen
(Just one more weekend love)
But soon you'll be gone
And the light has started getting low
Me what would give for one weekend
Of your love

Oh I could make you happy
And you could do the same for me
(Just one more weekend love)
I'll feel so fine
Just delightin' in your company
(Just one more weekend love)
You know I can't speak
Just a-tell me what you're thinking of