"A Visit To The Gynecologyst" lyrics - DR. OCTAGON

"A Visit To The Gynecologyst"

(Can you at least look the other way?)
I am a physician
Besides, we are all girls
Okay up on the table, chop chop
On all fours
That's it
Ooh, yaaah
Now spread 'em!
What have we got here?
Looks like your veculuar [?] canal is somewhat constricted
How do you manage to accommodate large 'peeziz'?
(I don't, not of any kind)
Oh, of course
I was just feeling you out, as it were
Ssspread em!
Come on, wider wider!
(You're gonna break me...)
Come on wider, you can do it wider can't you?
Come on... okay
Now, I want you to practice this exercise twice a day for at least 10 minutes
Put one finger in
Stir it around
And arooooound
And arooooooouuuuunnnd
And then another finger
And stir it around
And around
And arouund
And aroooouuund
And arouund!
Add another finger
Add another, you get the picture, right?
And then, when you run out of fingers
Move on to vegetables
The appropriate size and shape of course
And in no time at all, we'll have you up to summer squash!

Admit it
You love having something fun wiggling around inside you like a caterpillar
Okay, like an eel!
Okay, like a cock!