"Octagon Octagon" lyrics - DR. OCTAGON

"Octagon Octagon"
(Dan Nakamura / Keith Thornton)

[Paperboy - Talking:]
Newspaper, The Daily Herald!
Octagon is back, people are going octagon crazy
This morning, people have went octagon crazy
The newspaper, newspaper!
People are delivering the formal's newspapers in your back yard
Octagon crazy
Number one story today, octagon went crazy

[Verse 1 - Dr Octagon:]
I was writing octagon in an octagon hat
With octagon underwear taking an octagon bath
With octagon soap, my octagon motorcycle made
By octagon bikes
Stand up late in octagon heights living that octagon life
Wiping the girls off with octagon baby wipes
Using the octagon washing machine to dry
Octagon coats on octagon hangers
Octagon posters made octagon famous
The octagon germ became quite contagious
Left people upside-down taking octagon painkillers
Octagon, to everybody so familiar
Octagon condoms with octagon tampons for women
Became a frenzy
Octagon gasoline, people use it when their motors go empty
Octagon dog food with octagon cat food
Did ya'll read octagon news, people going octagon fool
With octagon girs and octagon dudes
With strippers even dancing with G-strings in octagon boots

People said octagon went crazy
He lost his mind, they said he was in a mental hospital
They said he was throwing all of his hair out
They say he was in there eating his own dog food
They say he was in there eating his own cat food
They said octagon went crazy crawling up on the ceiling
He was crawling down the ceiling
Wearing boots, talking [?] crew on his bluetooth

[Verse 2 - Dr Octagon:]
Octagon rice with octagon beans with octagon shrimp
Octagon stadium where the octagons play
I hear it every day, octagon arena with octagon orchestra
Octagon milk backstage for every age
Octagon surgery for people who need an octagon face
Octagon belts for octagon waists
Octagon curtains, everything octa-refurbished
Octagon turtles and don't forget the octagon gerbils
Everything got the world going in octagon circles

Hey are you coming with Octagon again?
I said are you coming with Octagon again?
Are you really coming?
(Please leave me alone)

Octagon octagon, octagon octagon
Octagon octagon, octagon octagon
Put one leg on the wall, and one leg on the floor
Do the octagon, do the octagon
Do the octagon, do the octagon