"Tell 'Em Bitch" lyrics - DR. OCTAGON

"Tell 'Em Bitch"

Kool Keith back up in this motherfucker
You know what I'm sayin', you know what I'm sayin'
I'd like to tell all these motherfuckers
I'd like to tell all you motherfuckers, about theyself

About theyself, about what they think they are
About what they think they are
Motherfuckers ain't shit, you ain't shit

Fuck gold and platinum and jewelry
Diamonds glistenin' red, I'm still the overgrown boy freak man
Fall asleep, still piss in the bed
Ask your girl nigga, I piss on your head

If you're neo and unfunky, I'm guaranteed usually
Ten grand or more a show
But for five or six I'm ready to piss in your dreads

Who's ready to handle the confunction, jazz
And everybody with they first new trendy equipment
Could press the keys and kiss my ass
No prestigious toilets and golden bathroom trimmings

Dress your bitch up like Batwoman and shit on her mask
Dimepieces run with the borin' niggas
My sex life, I piss on top of your cash
Your money talk, I wipe my ass up with your Cottonelle nigga

Rappin' against me, you ain't shit
My job is to make your doofy-ass baseball caps fit
Pimple-faced bastard, watch who you rap with
And cover your motherfuckin' buttcheeks with chapstick

I'm a grown-ass man, you can suck mine
And that talk behind my back circle shit
Superstar gassed up niggaz smokin' that glass dick
My first name is microphone, I call you last to spit

Bra and panties under your button up
Don't come around wit'cha ass hangin' out, teasin' me with fake tits
I'm the celebrity destroyer, I defecate on your shoulderblades
I jerk off on anybody that think they good

Grab the subway train and drop turds on your bitch
Hit Philadelphia, grab a cheesesteak and hang out with Mitch
About two million dollars I fucked up
Hotel suites, Pave rings and girls and shit

Indoor rappin' mansion-ass nigga
Come outside from that old hideaway bodyguards, watch you shit
I don't care, I enjoy myself you scared son of a bitch
Fuck the buckets and VIP rooms
Posin with one Moet bottle and a big ass clique

Plast fast motherfuckers standin' on wooden legs
Amateur niggaz go down on cheap tape
What you think that bullshit gon' stick?

Kool Keith, signin' off this motherfucker
Let you motherfuckers know
I tell you straight
I'll come to your motherfuckin' show