"Lookin'" lyrics - DRAKE


They say when you lov some one you don't play

But if true then you lost 2 your game
When you was stricking out erick wat at first base
But you hit home when I fill for your lies and thort you was here stay
Ya but you here but you don't lison
"Fucked up with this bitch"
An now iam the one you missin'
I gess now I no wat da true meaning of comor is
But ya you hadd me rap around your finger like a shoe string
I was blound to the fact that you was using me
But I ant dum deep fuckin' kill on me to the end leve u
Since I lost u I been on my o.g shit t2
Thinkin' dat you would pick me over y.g was just to much fo4 you to do
But whos u,
I just keep asking my self
"No body"
Lucky t2 have a bitch that would give you every thing I had
Nothing lest more then I could
But you just wish I would
But I just wish you would
See thing like I see them
Open to lik a book and tell the story like they are
No more lies 'cause I ant trying to go that far
But diz iz just wat I get for fallin' in love with a rebound
My cross game jump shot ant nothing for diz bitchz
But you was just a beginner facein up
To a winner and she was just a hitter
Lok for a hit and run
But I gess when shit is don it ant nothing you can do about it
But I grow up about

Never cry about
'Cause when some one ceats
The only thing you can do about is it walk up out it.

Like dam
This is were iam
This is were we end
I ant never ever goon forgett
And ima just hopeing that you with it when I tell that
We finshhhhh
We finshhhhhh
You lookin' side ways

But dam I gess I should have seen this shit comeing
But we wasing
And you wasing the one I was in love with
Exlse I was anosseee
I could tell it wasing love you was just some one I fuck with
I was thinking one
But you was thinking
Me keya meshel and litte tonyea and many other bitchs
But I'm with it if you with
Tell bitch to bring a kind dip
If you on go you then whos in
'Cause to night ima going off with like