"Say Something" lyrics - DRAKE

"Say Something"

Drake (Chorus)
This shit was all I knew,
You and me only,
And I did it all for you,
Still you were lonely,
We coulda worked it out,

Uh, but I guess things change,
Its funny how someone else's success brings pain,
When ya no longer involved that person has it all,
And you just stuck standing there,

But, I'm gonna need you to say something baby,
Say something baby,
Say something baby,
I'm gonna need you to say something baby,
Say something baby,
Say something baby,

Ever since I've been long gone,
I traded in my senorita for a microphone,
I hate the way you fell apart girl, its sad to see,
Your life is good but me and you it's catastrophe,
If I was unsuccessful would you be satisfied,
I need a paramedic girl, I'm feeling paralyzed,
If I could choose, you will always be a friend to me,
The more money I made you acting like my enemy,
Its crazy, I can't help it if you feel ashamed,
Lots of pressure will turn you into my diamond babe,
How can something so familiar be so strange,
Closest friends get estranged when the status change,
Ah, is it my mistake, think that where I am and where you at,
And my whole wild... is the only one that had my back,
You were the perfect girl, now it seems we don't match,
Is it the money, want me to give it back,

Uh, I am the topic of conversation, this a celebration,
Lets toast to the fact that I moved out my momma basement,
To a condo downtown because it's all about location,
I sit and drink wine and watch Californication of life,
You shoulda been here to kick it with me,

We coulda split this whole thing up 50/50,
But now I'm at the 40/40 getting bitches tipsy,
Killing shit the ever so talented Mr Ripley,
How I go from being the man that you argue with,
To me and Dwayne Carter putting out the hardest sh-t,
I should wanna go back to the one I started with,
But I'm addicted to this life it's gonna be hard to quit,
Yeah, just ask me how things are coming along,
You can tell me that you never heard none of my songs,
Long as you end up saying one day you plan to listen,
'Cause what's a star when its most important fan is missing?