"Try Harder" lyrics - DRAKE

"Try Harder"


Sometimes I feel like Lohan and Hilary Duff are the only ones with enough
To feel what I'm about to say in this song
When they want you to be like somebody else and you just wanna be yourself
And you do it and get the feeling it's wrong
It is when all the press articles happening and the cameras get to snappin
And they try to make you out as a lie
Symbolic 'cause you were just trying to please em' by using logic and reason
It's a lose/lose why even try
When your ideas so frequently get rejected and people just get neglected
And they never really know how to feel
Phone calls is something that you're expecting for someone without the ethics
To try and make 'em a mill
You never noticed the fact you might be working what I'm receivin' at first
And niggas wanna say that you ain't around
I mean there's always some blame to put on yourselves 'stead of claimin' you couldn't help
And maybe next time you ain't in town

You gonna try to try harder 'cause
Try harder 'cause
Try, Try-Try-Try

And the managers make you succumb to pressure and you spittin' the pressure
Than most of the rappers running the game
Concerned that people who copy what's in the past and turn the profit to cash
There's time I would have done it the same
I mean I got me a range also got me a guilty conscience
That made you tell anybody I meet that I ran
Sometimes I wish that I woulda just chilled on the sneakers and watched the game from the bleachers
'Cause I'm really telling me what I spent
In a house that I promised to get my mother don't compensate for the other time
I wasted late out at the club
Instead of sitting in once a week for some dinner I working hard on the winner
So this album is a labour of love
You say as long as I'm staying out of the streets and just spending money on beats
Then she can rest without a toss or a turn
'Cause she know that my reputation perceives me and people watch me on TV
That's exactly why I often get burned
But I'm gonna try to...

Try harder 'cause
Try, Try-Try-Try