"Bitterness And Hatred" lyrics - DREAM DEATH

"Bitterness And Hatred"

You destroy all that we create
Your lives are filled led with prejudice and hate
Search for tomorrow but there's only yesterday
Time and time again

Fight to release years of anger
Buried so long ago
Uncovered by your lies
Which I despise
Take these hearts and squeeze them tighter
Suffocate a life
Controlled by your hand
Be it ever so damned

Innocent is the shame
The young will follow the old's to blame
You'd sell your soul for a dollar
You'd kill a human for a color
You're laughing yet
You're hiding in your institution
What worth is fighting when there's no solution
For all time, conscious crime
Freedom's son forgotten
You're loving and you're hating
You're a contradiction
It's a holy crusade, but you have no religion
They're not like you so you plead high treason
You're living in hatred with no reason

Bitterness and hatred to you and your kind
Living for hate, you're not perfect
Tell me the reason why
You're living out a lie
Bitterness and hatred to you and your kind