"Morning In America" lyrics - DURAND JONES & THE INDICATIONS

"Morning In America"
(Aaron Frazer / Justin Hubler)

It's still in San Diego
You can hear a baby cryin'
As the trains of New York City
Roll thunder down the line
The teachers rise in Richmond
As they sleep in San Anton'
While the harbor lights on Baltimore
Guide nurses headed home

And the jails of Maricopa
Say a man is but his wrong
It's morning in America
But I can't see the dawn

Congressmen in Washington
Receive their brief and brew
While lead, it fills the pipelines
In a Detroit county school

And I think of my grandmother
How she told me to be strong
It's morning in America
But I can't see the dawn

A junkie waits in Jacksonville
Prescription for the pain
As what the doctor ordered
Comes screaming through the vein
And in towns across the country
It's color that divides
When in working men and ladies
We could find our common side

It's morning in America
It's morning in America
We're mourning in America
And I can't see the dawn, no