"I'm On One" lyrics - E-40

"I'm On One"
(Douglas Davis / E-40 / R. Thomas / Ricky Walters)

I'm on like a pot/ I cook up
I got the hook up
A slap makes the demons look up
I got em' shook up
Yayo college is what I took up
Northern cali fo ya my nizzle
Put up or shut up
Homeboy loaded like a shot gun
Smokin' like a chimney
Than the trees in Yosemite
Twisted like a pretzel
Drinkin' cranberry and cognac
Stay afloat keep my head above sea level
So much hate in my region
So much stress in my brain
Hey a rapper ain't eatin'
So he needs someone to blame
So they blame it on ya boy
'Cause I got the biggest mouth
Light it up and have a chain
See the soul train
Step your bar game up
Practice your penmanship
Stop the claiming and making excuses
Nigga make a hit
Just the other day I heard a fuck nigga say
Funny y'all with him but Vallejo ain't in the bay
I said that's some hard shit a nigga like you would say
Cause' it's haters like your washed up ass that's in the way