"In The Morning" lyrics - E-40

"In The Morning"
(B. Emile / M. Harris / T. Jackson)

The slums of the big town
As packed with drama and danger
As the squallered streets of some native quarter
In the heart of this melting pot of crime stands an oasis where one man struggles against the forces
That turned his loved ones to lives of violence and shame

Sinister Mob shit
Choppers all in the closet
Hydrogen lamps in the attic
Warm broccoli, spinach and cabbage
I keep sealer on the counter
Right next to the money counter
That's right next to scale
For weighing nuts and fruits not yay'll
That's my excuse if they took me to jail
Listen to this here cousin
Never explain to the popo and tell em' shit
'Cuz they ain't the fuckin judge
It's money on my mind and paper I gotta get
Bitches I need to fuck and licks that I must hit
Moves that Imma make, and whips I'm try'na flip
Steps that I should take be careful I don't slip
When I was little I had to observe, watch and listen
So I could be real conditioned and ready for the unexpected to occur anytime
I'm on my 24 hour grind
In my prime gettin mine
Greenbach's in the making
Gouda on the line
Chalupa I be chasing
Now I'm bout my spine
Outsmarting the popo selling dope
Holding up a homeless sign

Banger hidden' under my clothes
I pull it out, and they kno
Bustin' rubber bands, gettin' that dough
I got that plug and we juggin' for sure
Just ask all the knocks
I'll be right back out here in the morning [2x]

Wake up in the morning first thing on my mind is guapo
Gouda, shoota
Knock the meet up out ya taco
Cappo, I don't serve I just sit back and watch bro
Seens?, lamas?, ruggers
In love with my 40 Glock tho
Slidin through ghetto on 4s
Dodging them potholes
Heavy metal drugs and hoes
Call it the rock show
Oooh I'm really mobbing
No prob to get ya top blown
Hit em up, slit em up, rig em up
Right back at it when the cops gone
Welcome to the top zone
2 A block nigga
Raised by J-Mo
Certified top hitters
Swisher filled with gad
Got it bout a glad bag
Gucci betta I let it sag
Stuntin showing my ass
Flashin on my little brothers
Take your bad ass to class
Gotta a feeling can't be mad
Caught em' dippin in my stash
No task two tabs I'm rollin
I've been posting on this bitch since mawning


When I go ham
Money on my mind 24/7 damn
Kick a broke bitch out my spot like clam
I'm a hussla in every sense of the word
Favorite days of the month 1st to the 3rd
That's when all the fiends got dope
So I don't sleep
Tell my knock to spread the word
Bra I'm taking the ebt
Wipped cars, social security checks I run through them
Dope fiend right on the drive way right now
Boy I scooped in
Work were you bank
Shit the BAV, bread out our ass, deposits all day
Scheming on the come up try'na get my ones up
30 round rig
Wish a nigga run up
I keep a weapon, a pistol, poker or popper
Something to bludgeon a hater to death if he disrespects my propers
Work 30 I'm a motherfukin monster
These noodle spine nigga get ate like pastas